Jefferson hall 

Los Angeles, CA
Surrounding the main campus quad, Jefferson Hall houses the English/ESL Department. The modernization of this 50,000 SF facility entailed a complete interiors overhaul, along with the replacement of all exterior windows and two major entry atrium were created at the building entrances. The modernization also included a complete HVAC, plumbing, and electrical upgrades.

One of the District's primary goals was to bring the classrooms up to date in terms of computers, projectors, marker boards, audio/visual equipment, tack boards, and lighting. Although the modernization didn’t pursue any LEED certification due to budget constraints, the principles of sustainability were strictly followed throughout the design process.

Guillermo Aguilar, AIA served as the Principal Designer on the project and obtained DSA approvals. 

*Principal-in-charge and Architect of record while at gkkworks.