customized, integrated planning APPROACHes.
experienced, successful design.

Aguilar Architects brings a unique perspective to planning and architectural projects through 25 years of experience in development and architecture on education, commercial, mixed-use, transportation, and resort properties. This experience gives us valuable insight into the unique requirements of a design project, as well as cost and time constraints. Our consulting practice and project approaches are sensitive to local and current market trends, historical, social, and environmental concerns, as well as its implications and opportunities.


We are experts in policy and physical planning. This includes analyzing project-related opportunities and constraints; preparing project and site feasibility studies; formulating urban development and redevelopment programs; urban design plans; and preparing master planning documents and site plans. Services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Planning
  • Design Guidelines and Manuals
  • Area-Wide Master Plans
  • Site Reconnaissance Reviews
  • Zoning Code Reviews / Zone Changes / Redevelopment
  • Specific Plans
  • Site Opportunities and Constraints, Evaluation and Analysis
  • Land Development Plans 
  • Community Image Studies
  • Landscape Planning
  • Visual Analysis
  • Density / Site Holding Capacity Analysis
  • Program Management 


Aguilar Architects is committed to providing innovation solutions that create value for our clients. We pride ourselves on being a collaborative firm. Our team focuses on an integrated design process in which our clients and consultants are fully engaged. We are committed to creating high-quality environments - places that are well-planned and high-performing while also serving as centers of the community. We have a successful and experienced track record in managing projects to meet design and aesthetic goals, budgetary requirements, and schedules.


We offer a unique blend of customized and integrated planning and design services, including stand-alone project management services. Aguilar Architects has been involved in the design and management of complex projects such as overall master plans for area-wide real estate development, infrastructure master plans, specific plans, and mixed-use construction projects on behalf of real estate and land developers. By combining a strong management approach with quality and highly acclaimed design practices, we provide consultant team direction and tracking for reviewing by clients in the following areas:

  • Concept Design and Space Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Test Fit Plans
  • Construction Documentation
  • Space Programming and FF&E Procurement
  • Building Permits
  • Interior Architecture
  • Construction Administration
  • Design Guidelines
  • Constructability Reviews / Value Engineering