guaymas - San carlos scenic corridor

State of Sonora, Mexico
As Principal Consultant/Program Manager, Aguilar Architects was the lead consultant for this federal and state-sponsored destination resort development in northwestern Mexico. The project services were for overall program management, including management of infrastructure and civil engineering, as well as architecture, planning, and urban design for the rehabilitation of the resort town of San Carlos.

Additionally, Aguilar Architects was responsible for the preparation of development standards for land preservation, outdoor open space, waterfront parks, and new construction development guidelines, including hotels and residential and commercial developments.

Phase I has been completed and includes the construction of a 27 mile ocean-front scenic corridor to connect the Guaymas International Airport to the San Carlos beaches. Phase II services included development of planning and regulatory documents for land development, including land use plans, zoning, development guidelines, and a specific land use plan for the resort portion of the program.