Nerul Urban Railway Corporation

Mumbai, India
The Targhar station is one of three stations designed for the Nerul Urban Railway Corporation in India. The planning and design concepts were directed to create a non-air conditioned landmark station with a main arrival plaza, as well as to manage the flow of a significant percentage of daily users as it is located near a new residential and economic zone in the new territories. For this reason, it was very important to implant the station in such a way as to enhance the surrounding environment, as well as to provide a perfect balance with the open space, ensuring visibility and identification for the traveler. This was achieved by providing waving and barreling raised roofs oriented to the prevailing winds to maximize natural cooling and ventilation.

Being a ground floor station, one of the most important design elements was to provide multiple access points from the residential and economic zone areas. Two lobbies were proposed on both sides of the tracks, each of them receiving different passenger flows. The first one was from the Residential Areas whereas the second one was from the Special Economic Areas. Parking lots were also set out on both sides of the tracks, and a kiss and ride drop-off area was designed on the back side of the station to minimize congestion at the main public street. Specially designated parking areas for motorcycles and bicycles was also designed in close proximity to the station lobbies.

All of this resulted in strong volumes, adapted to the climate of Mumbai, with clear functional schemes allowing simultaneous movement of large numbers of travelers. Clear signs allow passengers to find their destination easily, which helps significantly in the fluidity of circulations and contributes to an efficient operation of the system as a whole.