Stockton Boulevard corridor opportunity area

Sacramento, CA
Guillermo Aguilar, AIA served as Principal Architect/Planner for this advisory project. Located in Sacramento, southwest of the downtown area, the Stockton Boulevard project consisted of a panel of experts assembled to study and provide recommendations for the development of this opportunity area. The Panel provided Sacramento with a series of specific recommendations for boulevard improvements, traffic recommendations, beautification, and redevelopment opportunities.

The Advisory Panel consisted of planners, architects, economists and developers. Sponsored by the City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Authority (SHRA), the Panel provided land use planning/urban design, landscape and architecture design guidelines, and linkage recommendations around development nodes, retail, and urban transportation modes. In addition, the panel studied and made recommendations for Market Potential, Development Strategies, and Implementation. The final report and planning recommendations have been published by the Urban Land Institute.